Diploma Completion Project

Covenant Community School of Biblical Studies

Final Project for Diploma Program Completion

To complete your Diploma Program, you are required to write a paper demonstrating your knowledge of God's Word, the Holy Bible and how its teachings apply to your life and the existence of the Christian Church.Below are a list of several topics on which you may write. Your paper must be a minimum of one thousand (2000) words and must contain a minimum of at least ten (10) verses quoted from the Bible in its content. The paper must contain the same values, scriptural principals as you have learned in your previous courses. This paper is required in order for you to recieve your certificate from the Covenant Community School of Biblical Studies, and thus counts for 30% of your total degree transcript. There is no charge to submit your paper. Upon grading you will receive a beautiful personalized 8.5 x 11 parchment paper diploma along with a transcript of your grades from all of the preceding courses. Please mail your completed paper to the address below, and be sure to specify how you would like your name to appear on the diploma.
Topics on which you may do your paper:
The Wilderness Tabernacle of Moses
The Life of King David
Christ in the Book of Isaiah
Ezekial Chapter 1
The Prophet Amos
Survey the Book of Luke
Romans Chapter 6
Ephesians Chapter 2
Survey the Book of Titus
Revelation Chapter 20

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