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You can host a professional continuing education seminar at your business or facility. Here's how....

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Continuing Education Seminar Agreement


Name of Sponsor ___________________________________________

Address of Sponsor  _________________________________________

Exact Location of Seminar _____________________________________

Date of Seminar _____________ Official Starting Time ____ qAM  qPM


Seminar(s) to be presented by Joel L. Getts, Th.M.,Ph.D.

q    Grief & Loss – Better Care in the 21st Century (3 hours)  $ 195.oo

q    Death – Out of Order (3 hours)  $ 195.oo

q    Christian Denominationalism and Grief (3 hours)  $ 195.oo

q Unique Tools for Those in Grief (3 hours)  $ 195.oo

q Developing Healthy Attitudes in the Arrangements Room (2 hours)  $ 150.oo

q Talking to Children & Teens About Death & Dying (2 hours) $ 150.oo

q Stress Reduction for Funeral Directors (3 hours) $ 195.oo

q What in the World am I Doing / Career Evaluation (3 hours) $ 195.oo

q Growing to Become a More Affective Aftercare Provider (3 hours) 195.oo

q The History of the Funeral Flower Car (1 hour) $ 90.oo (not a “stand alone” seminar) 

q Healthy Relationships in the Workplace  (4 hours) $ 235.oo

q Professional Ethics – A Filter for Priorities and Goals (3 hours) $ 195.oo

q Comparing Religious Practices and Grief in North America (3 hours) $ 195.oo

The History of the North American Funeral Home (3 hours)  $ 195.oo



Our seminars have been approved for funeral directors & embalmers, licensed counselors, licensed social workers. Be sure to to ask for which ones have specific approval when booking your seminar.   





PLEASE NOTE : Compact seminars of the above titles are available for shorter presentations  (50 minutes-2 hours in lengths.) Attendees will only receive continuing education credit for the length of the actual seminar. Presentation prices are the same, irregardless of desired length.  Additional charges such as lodging and mileage will apply if traveling distance is over fifty 50 miles from the borders of Montgomery County, Ohio. Mileage charges are $.60 per / mile over 50 miles each way. Lodging is only applicable on distances over 100 miles from Montgomery County, Ohio and is billed at a rate of $100.oo per night. In some cases the lodging fee will be waived if adequate lodging & dining is provided by the sponsoring company/organization. Special package prices on multiple seminars may be negotiated. Prices are effective 7/1/07 and are subject to change without notice.


Sponsoring company/organization agrees to the following terms;

a). Any licensed professionals may attend seminars. The sponsoring company/organization may charge any and all attendees for seminars at their discretion. CIEA is not responsible for selling and/or collecting admission fees to any seminars contracted by a sponsoring company or organization. 

b). The sponsoring company/organization permits CIEA to record (audio and/or video) the seminars and use such recordings for publication and reproduction in future materials produced by CIEA without any compensation or royalty to the benefit of the sponsoring company, their staff, management, ownership or attendees at the seminars. The sponsoring company/ organization will not be permitted to record (audio and/or video) any portion of the seminar(s) without first obtaining written permission of CIEA.      

c). The sponsoring company/organization agrees to provide adequate and comfortable facilities and seating in one room suitable for the number of attendees, with easy access to restrooms and lounges.

d). The sponsoring company/organization will provide adequate space including a table (minimum size 24”x48”) for CIEA to offer for sale various products offered by the CIEA during the entire time of the seminar including 30 minutes prior to the start of the seminar(s) and 30 minutes after the seminar(s) concludes    


We suggest that the sponsoring company provide beverages such as coffee, punch, or pop and possibly a light snack or refreshment during the hourly breaks of each seminar. If available, the seminars may be enhanced with the use of “ MS Powerpoint”and overhead projection equipment. Please advise CIEA if you desire the presenter to use  such technology.    


I/We agree to the terms of this agreement and hereby submit payment in full for the seminars requested with this application on or before the day of presentation.


_________________      ____________          _____________

Signature of Representative                       Print Name                                   Date


Please return this form to the Central Institute for Educational Advancement a minimum of 30 days prior to the date you are requesting to host the seminar(s). CIEA will confirm the schedule within 72 hours of receipt.   


Central Institute for Educational Advancement
P.O. Box 750491  Dayton, Ohio 45475-0491
(937) 572-8636