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Discovering Biblical Numerology

Print the examination and answer the questions. You may use your notes as you answer the questions. Then mail your completed examination to the address below

1). The number “one” can represent compound unity
a). TRUE          b). FALSE


2). The chapter and verse numbers are important in the original texts.

a). TRUE          b). FALSE


Draw lines to match the best words together


3). Twelve                                                   Freedom


4). Eight                                                      Resurrection


5). Two                                                        Testimony


6). Three                                                     Government                                                      


7). Fifty                                                       Completion


8). The Aaronic Priesthood is associated with the number   

a). three         b). four           c). five          d). none of these


9). Numbers are referred to in scriptures in one of two ways;

a). quantity and value  b). name and implication  c). name and value   d). none of these


10). Numeric equations often attempt to make something say what it isn’t.

a). TRUE          b). FALSE


11). This is the number of God in relation to position.

a). three         b). four           c). five          d). none of these


12). How many genealogies of Christ are expressed in the Gospel of John ?

a). three         b). four           c). five          d). none of these


13).  Ceremonial healing often utilizes the number

a).six         b). seven           c). nine          d). none of these


14). In the “Tent of Meeting” there were how many pieces of furniture

a). three         b). four           c). five          d). none of these


15).  Numbers are not necessarily always symbolic or metaphoric.

a). TRUE          b). FALSE


16).  The Holy Spirit is often associated with the number nine.

a). TRUE          b). FALSE


17).  The numbers ten anf forty can be associated with completeness.

a). TRUE          b). FALSE



18).  The number four is the number often connected to humanity.

a). TRUE          b). FALSE


Draw lines to match the best words together


19).  Two                                                                               Freedom


20).  Fifty                                                                              Marriage


21).  Five                                                                               Perfection


22).  Seven                                                                             Earth


23).  Four                                                                              Aaron


24).  The ultimate “tie breaker” is found in number eight.

a). TRUE          b). FALSE


25).  This number can be connected to the word “affirmation”

a). twenty four         b). two           c). eleven          d). none of these


26). Pick a number and briefly describe its use in scripture. (your answer is worth 10 % of your grade) Use a separate piece of paper.



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