The Death Care Industry Today


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1). Human and societal morality is generally defined by comparing three pairs of opposites.  qTRUE    q FALSE


2). Trends in healthcare insurance are highly indicative that eventually the same thing will occur with a government induced form of impersonalized socialized funeral and memorialization procedure.  qTRUE    q FALSE


3). When we look at the national death rate and other death care related trends we see virtually no changes in the last 50 years. qTRUE    q FALSE


4). The funeral and memorialization segment of the death care industry generally recognizes authority from within its own ranks. qTRUE    q FALSE


5). The more external interaction with not only the clients of the death care industry, but also the community, the more helpful and demonstratively productive the death care industry will find itself to become. qTRUE   q FALSE


6). Transition and change in the death care industry often come very quickly within the industry.  qTRUE    q FALSE


7). Memorialization events are planned in detail around a specific life, not around life in general, or even a specific culture or society. qTRUE      q FALSE


8). The death carte industry has developed slowly from the pre-World War II self taught proprietor’s sideline endeavor to become recognized needed industry in the mainstream of services industries in North America. qTRUE    q FALSE


9). Funeral directors are now becoming more of a special event planner and / or coordinator. qTRUE    q FALSE


10). The death care industry is all of the related people, professions and businesses that cooperatively care for and process not only the dying and the dead, but also act as a support and guidance team for survivors of the dead that are cared for.    qTRUE    q FALSE   

11). A large percent of the harvested organs and tissue are often used in actual transplants.     qTRUE    q FALSE   


12). The more recently built memorialization facilities are usually more focused around banquet style seating, and offer various catering options as well as visual presentations.  qTRUE    q FALSE   


13). The ultimate aspect of merchandising in the death care industry is the register book at the visitation or viewing.  qTRUE    q FALSE   


14). The individual career people that make up the death care industry will eventually redefine the industry probably more by their own job descriptions. qTRUE    q FALSE   


15). The death care industry is a unique service profession encompassing the entire human experience.  qTRUE    q FALSE   


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