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Circle the word True or the word False to correctly define each of the following statements.

1). Usually a faxed note or an e-mail message from the funeral director is all that is needed to communicate the schedule of funeral services to the clergy.

True False

2). Clergy began to loose status in the community during the 1960s primarily due to passivity.

True False

3). The funeral industry has seen very few changes during the last two decades.

True False

4). There is a wide open field of ministry available for the clergy at the local funeral home.

True False

5). Precise and accurate communication is the key to a functioning relationship between funeral directors and the clergy.

True False

6). There is no hope for the future of the funeral home being bought out by the corporate conglomerates.

True False

7). The majority of funeral homes are still multigenerational or family owned operations.

True False

8). Most clergy are subject to chronic problems with alcohol and substance abuse.

True False

9). In the 1970s funeral directors started becoming more aggressive in the area of merchandising and care giving.

True False

Circle the letter of the correct statements to each of the following statements.

10). A certain factor that may influence if the casket will be open during a funeral service at church is:

a. The deceaseds familys preference
b. The weather outside
c. The liturgical and/or denominational regulations
d. Both a. & c.

11). The central purpose of the funeral director in the actual funeral service is to be
a. an emotional ringleader
b. in the limelight constantly
c. a facilitator and coordinator
d. totally unseen

12). Experience and a quality character make a good
a. mourner
b. caregiver exceptional
c. out of town florist frustrated
d. excuse for living longer

13). Most funeral homes are operated
a. at a very acceptable level of integrity
b. on unleaded gasoline
c. into the ground
d. none of the above

14). A funeral director should communicate known frictions in the family they are serving
a. to local law enforcement agencies
b. to no one
c. to the selected clergy for the funeral
d. both a. & b.

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