Mentoring for Leadership
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EXAMINATION – Select only one answer for each question. You may reference the course material as you take the examination. Your examination is 100% of your total grade.    

1). A mentor works using the tools of

a). time and management                           b). instruction and example

c). culture and language                             d). none of these


2).  One of the results of successful mentoring should be

a). a better mentor                                      b). a degree

c). more family time                                  d). none of these


3).  This stage of mentoring has large amounts of verbal instruction.

a). I’ll assist you in doing it                        b). Watch me do it

c). Assist me in doing it                              d). none of these


4). A mentoree should 

a). have plenty of time on his hand             b). respect the mentor

c). an independent self-starter                     d). none of these


5). A mentor must not be concerned about

a). the weather                                            b). deadlines

c). the next meal                                         d). none of these


6). A leader is someone who is interactively responsible for a specific group or institution which has qualified him or her to be in the position of the care and perpetuation of that group or institution.

a). true          b). false


7).  Jesus and His apostles are one of the best examples of mentoring in the Bible.

a). true          b). false


8).  Mentorees who have been successfully and properly mentored are generally not interested in continuing the mentoring process.

a). true          b). false


9).  Eli and Samuel are one of the least discernable examples of mentoring in the Bible.

a). true          b). false


10).  The whole purpose of establishing a mentoring relationship between two individuals is for the mentoree to be a productive asset to the particular discipline and/or skill.   

a). true          b). false


Draw lines to match the correct pairs of words


11). active mentor                                     unaware


12). mentoree                                            qualified


13). leader                                                  desirous


14). passive mentor                                   conscious


15). It is important for a mentoree to apply the learning experience to personal practice

a). true          b). false


16). There are several important steps in the mentoring process.

a). true          b). false


17). Jesus was a mentor.

a). true          b). false


18). Paul was both a mentoree and a mentor. 

a). true          b). false


19).  A mentoree may be mentored by an active mentor and several passive mentors at the same time.

a). true          b). false


20).  A self taught person is really instructed in a non formal way.

a). true          b). false


21). Name someone who has mentored you in a certain growth or developmental process in your life. Describe the arena in which you experienced growth. (Your answer is worth 10% of your score)



22). In what arenas could you act as a mentor? What are the skills and abilities you are competent to convey to a potential mentor. (Your answer is worth 10% of your score)



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