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Evangelism in a Gnostic Culture


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Please check the box to indicate if the statement is true or false


1). The first origins of Gnosticism are found in Matthew 28:11-15



2). A post-modern society is not interested in being tolerant.



3). Christian TV and radio are effective evangelical tools in a post modern society.



4). UFOs and Gnosticism are all part of the same grand scheme.



5). Jesus was not a mystical figure from the past that was able to pull off a great big hoax.



6). Gnosticism promotes that there are mediators ascending from various levels of the heavens to help and/or educate man.



7). Man’s ancestors were brought here from another planet or another type of existence.



8).  The Apostle Paul spoke of the influence of Gnosticism on the early church and subtly condemned it in 1 Corinthians 13:1-2



9). The Ante-Nicene and even the Nicene church fathers and doctors were all a part of the Roman Church.



10).  The DaVinci Code subtly attempts to break down any Biblically based doctrines about Jesus Christ.



Fill in the blank from the text of this course.


11). The Greek word “antichristos” used in these _______ and translated as “antichrist’ is actually a word which is used in _____________ descriptions and not necessarily in _____________ causes.


12). The only _____________ we can actually claim is that of Jesus Christ – the Living ________ of _______.


13). The word “Gnostic” comes from the Greek work “__________” or the English word “_____________”.


14). To know the tenants of ___________ and contemporary Gnosticism, one must know that one of the key ___________ regarding the __________ of Jesus.


15). Most evangelical Christians have discovered that the most effective ________of Christian evangelism in the evolving _______-modern society is what is commonly referred to as “____________” based evangelism.


16).  The Gospel of __________ is a collection of supposed sayings of _________ that was not compiled until the late ____________ century.


Circle the correct letter that best  completes the statements made


16). The Greek word “epouranioon” translated to English as the word

a). knowledge

b). heaven

c). influence

d). none of the above


17). John clearly identifies the antichrist as one who

a). wars against Michael

b). looks like Lucifer

c). denies that Jesus is Christ

d). none of the above


18). DaVinci despised the Roman Catholic Church because

a). of its domination and intimidation

b). the protestant teachers

c). he was no longer allowed to teach

d). all of the above

19). The Nicene Creed still stands

a). as a foundational creed

b). equal to scripture

c). both a & b

d). none of the above


20). One of the three standards of acceptance that give God’s Word the position of ultimate authority in areas of theology and doctrine is

a). it is inspired by God

b). it is without error

c). it is complete

d). all of the above


21). Moses lead the children of Israel through the wilderness by following

a). an alien

b). the Midianites

c). what we now know was a UFO

d). none of the above


22). Scripture tells us in Hebrews 4:15 For we  have a high priest who can sympathize with our

a). lack of understanding

b). weaknesses

c). losses

d). all of the above


23). Essay Question : Discuss the major differences between Gnostics and evangelical Christians. You may use outside references or quotes in your answer, but you must properly identify them. Your answer counts toward 25 % of your grade.




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