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Central Institute of Theological Studies

About CITS

A Place for Scriptural Research and Accountability 

About the Central Institute of Theological Studies


The Central Institute of Theological Studies (CITS) was birthed in the summer of 2007. CITS is a place for church leaders to be equipped, educated and experience the ministry that God has called them to. CITS can be the place where men and women of all ages and denominational preferences can renew and pursue their call to ministry in God’s Kingdom here on earth.  

The goal of our instruction is not to create a doctrinal position in the student, but rather to equip them with the theological tools that prepare them for a healthy productive ministry experience. We issue "Certificates of Study" to graduating students. These certificates are earned through academic study at CITS and as a result of personal spiritual growth. 


The Central Institute of Theological Studies (CITS) is a non-prerequisite school. Students are only required to have obtained a high school diploma or a GED equivalent. The standard of education given by our instructors is comparable to that of many other seminaries at a fraction of the cost of such schools. Many Christian denominations are already accepting CITS credits toward their educational and ordination requirements. Please let us know how we can assist you in receiving credit for your course work with your church, or denomination.

The word "accreditation" has held many meanings over the last several decades. Educational accreditation is a certification by a recognized institution(s) that a particular education institution has voluntarily undergone a comprehensive examination that has demonstrated that the educational institution does in fact meet the established standards of the examiner. In effect, it is a promise that an institution will provide the quality of education it claims to offer. Various accreditations assure the prospective student that the school is financial sound, and that it has a standard course of study, and qualified instructors. The Central Institute of Theological Studies is not a nationally or regionally accrediterd institution of higher learning, and is currently not  pursuing such accreditation.  

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