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All The Way to the Cross

We can grow to become faithful and committed followers of Jesus Christ, even if we are called to follow Him in circumstances of suffering and sacrifice.


A Revelation of Restoration and Love

A different approach to the book of Revelation, one that combines the revelation of the true Christ with the life application principles we need in our journey of faith.  


Foundational Kingdomology

This publication approaches the Church and how it can be the functional tool of God’s Kingdom here on Earth. The three discussions that take place include; Definitions, Fellowship and Decisions. 


A Faithful God in an Abnormal World

Conspiracy theories and high level secrets are constantly swarming in and out of our lives. But, God is still God and He is still in control of the world he created.  


Understanding the Potential, Productivity and Power of the Words of God

A powerful and compact “Biblical Studies“ text. It is especially designed for the Bible student who is a very structured thinker. 



A compassionate critique of the Pentecostal / Charismatic Christian community currently functioning in North America. This book examines their strengths and weakness from a Biblical perspective.  


It's His Church

Jesus said “I will build My Church”. Let’s learn what that really means and why most Christian congregations do not understand or even accept those words of Jesus Christ.


George Washington - Almost A Saint

This is a very candid look at the psychology and spirituality of the “Father of our Nation”. We now know some of the details that reveal what the faith of President Washington truly reflected.


Abraham Lincoln – A Portrait in Grief

From the cradle to his tomb in Springfield Illinois, Mr. Lincoln was plagued with grief and loss. Together we learn how it affected his life, his family, and ultimately his beliefs in God.  




All books are $ 5.oo each.

Any three books for $ 12.oo 

Any eight books for $ 20.oo  

The prices includes shipping and handling anywhere in the continental United States.


Send orders with personal check or money order to:

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Allow 10-14 days for return delivery. Please include your email address and phone number with your order.



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