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Central Institute of Theological Studies

Certificate of Studies Program

SEVERAL CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS offering a varietry of concentrations to meet your theological educational goals.

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Choose two (2) of the following CITS courses

TDS 103 Biblical Theology

CHS 102 Early Church History

IDS Roman Civilization

CSS 109 The Book of Hebrews

PMS 101 Developing Pastoral Ministry

CSS 106 Jesus in the Gospels

IDS 111 Early Empire Religions

Or one of these choices may be a selection of any TBIBR course  



Choose two (2) of the following CITS Courses

TDS 103 Biblical Christology

CSS 110 The Book of Romans

CHS 107  Pre-Reformation Dissenters

TDS 110 Theological Enclyclopedia and Terminology

IDS 119 Philosophy of Religion

PMS 112 Pastoral Congregational Relationships



Choose three (3) of the following CITS Courses

PMS 113 Foundational Biblical Counseling

IDS 209 Cultural Influences of Late Modernity

CHS 109 History of the New Testament

CSS 107 God's Eternal Purpose

IDS 107 The Gnostic Gospels

CHS 203 St. Francis of Assisi

CSS 220 Biblical Numerology

IDS 116 Basic Psychology



Complete all of these CITS Courses

CSS 217 Old Testament Definitive Texts

CSS 218 New Testament Definitive Texts

PMS 214 The Philosophy of Evangelism

IDS 113 Professional Ethics



Complete your Certificate Completion Project or

write a paper as designated by clicking HERE


Your selection of courses in Level One, Two and Three, and which options you choose for a certificate completion project or written paper will help determine which concentration or academic discipline will be on your certificate program. 


Upon completion of these courses, your official academic transcript will indicate every course you have taken denoted by your grade and your grade point average. It will be signed by the Dean of Academic Affairs and have the official raised seal of our institute. Your transcript will also be very helpful in transferring your credits to any other institution you wish to attend. In addition, you will receive a beautiful parchment certificate personalized with your name and specific certificate program. You will also be eligible to participate in our semi-annual graduation ceremonies, or you may have your degree and transcript sent directly to you.


Central Institute of Theological Studies


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