Biblical Study Techniques



Shelterglen University
School of Theology

1).  Knowing about the original language is part of the cultural filter.

a). True       b). False


2).  We are commanded to study God’s Word.

a). True       b). False


3).  Deductive Bible study helps find support for positions that are already in place.

a). True       b).  False


4). An impartial or objective student will use deductive bible study methods

a). True       b).  False


5).  The English language parallels the Greek and Hebrew 100% word for word

a). True       b).  False


6).  In the evaluation process, the Bible student must determine how valid and what potential impact the selected passage of scripture can have.  

a). True       b).  False


7). The application of the scripture to the lifestyle and processes of the hearer or reader should not be able to empower them.    

a). True       b).  False


8). An effective Bible study process includes observation, interpretation, evaluation and

a). sociological filter

b). consumption

c). self-illumination

d. application


9). Self-illumination allows scriptures to

a). be read in Greek

b). become misunderstood

c). interpret themselves

d). none of the above


10). One of the filters of scriptural interpretation is called

a). society or sociological

b). application

c). observation

d). all of the above


11). The Holy bible was written to

a). Christians

b). Jews

c). all humanity

d). none of the above


12. Inductive Bible study goes to scripture

a). without any predisposition

b). with a predisposition

c). for observation only

d). none of the above

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