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1). For some, this ____________________ of need happens at the exact _____________ crisis point of salvation.


2). Sanctification is a _______________ within the believer in Jesus Christ that not only ______________ them to do the works desired by a righteous God, but also to be completely ______________by that same loving caring God.


3). The ultimate goal of the Christian believer is ________ to get to heaven. It is to become more _________ Jesus in action, ______________ and expression.


4). Talents are abilities God ________________ in us from birth, whereas _________ gifts are independently placed within us at the point of our conversion to Christianity by accepting Jesus Christ as our _______________ Savior.


5). The Bible was not original inspired by God in __________ and ____________. Man has divided the scriptures up that way for the sake of easier ____________ and organization.


6). When we stand _____________ to _______________ with Jesus Christ our Savior and Sanctifier, our sanctification will become ____________________ in His presence.


7). Prophecy is a special ability to reveal the future.

True       False


8). Accepted theology states that God does nothing apart from prayer.

True        False


9). Faith is the ability to trust God in extraordinary ways

True        False


10). Joy is an attitude of celebrating God’s goodness

True       False


11). An Evangelist’s job includes establishing and governing new Christian churches

True       False


12). Fasting can be a very effective way of intensifying your prayer life.

True        False


13). We are taught to ignore those who persecute us or cause us trouble

True       False


14). To abide means that we live in close relationship with Jesus Christ.

True       False


15).  Language is part of the cultural filter.

True        False


Multiple Choice


16). An effective Bible study process includes observation, interpretation, evaluation and

a). sociological filter

b). consumption

c). self-illumination

d. application


17). The ability to care for others temporal and material needs is called the gift of

a). prayer

b). serving

c). multiplying

d). none of the above


18). One of the filters of scriptural interpretation is called

a). society or sociological

b). application

c). observation

d). all of the above


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