CCSBS Courses Offered

Diploma Programs

Diploma Programs
Certificate Programs

Choose the Diploma Program you are wishing to complete and simply click on the links that will take you directly to the courses in that program. When you have comleted all of the prescribed courses for that program, mail your examinations along with your tuition fees to the address below. Most diplomas and transcripts will be issued within 7-14 day of our receipt of the examinations.    

Level One - Foundational Studies 

Old Testament Survey

New Testament Survey

New Testament Society and Culture

The Life and Organization of the Church

Early Christian History

Level Two - Theological Studies

Bible Study Tools

Biblical Theology

Biblical Hermeneutics

Level Three - Doctrinal Studies

The Credentials of Jesus Christ

Biblical Numerology

Biblical Eschatology

Level Four - Pastoral Studies

Pastoral Care

Missions and Church Planting

Discipleship and Mentoring

Church Management and Administration

Congregational Dynamics

Biblical Worship

The Great Commission

The Great Commandment

Level Five - Personal Studies

Prepared for Ministry

Personal Ministry Development

Final Project for Diploma Completion

"Currently Under Construction" - We expect to have This course completed  by February 2007 of 2006 - Please visit us real soon!

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