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Contemporary Church Movements

Print the examination and answer the questions. You may use your notes as you answer the questions. Then mail your completed examination to the address below.

1). The emphasis on contemporary worship styles was birthed out of the

a). Reformation movement                                     b).  Charismatic movement

c). anti denominational push                                  d).  all of these


2). Charles Templeton co founded

a). Mosaic                                               b). Willocreek Community Church

c). Youth for Christ                                  d). none of these


3). This is a very hard thing to identify in emergent churches

a). worship style                                      b). doctrine

c).  the pastor                                         d). none of these


4). The kind of culture we currently live in is 

a). post modern                                                    b). ethnically cleansed

c). enlightened                                                      d). none of the above


5). The Charismatic movement was spawned by leaders of the    

a).  Southern Baptist  Convention                          b).  Foursquare church

c).   Community Church                                         d).  none of the above


6). Bill Hybels founded Saddleback Community Church.

a). True      b). False


7). Rick Warren’s best selling book is titled “An Unstoppable Force”

a). True      b). False


8). When we are offended by our culture many Christians withdraw.

a). True      b). False


9). Many people believe the church is more concerned about preserving its structure than following Christ.  

a). True      b). False


10). The focus of post-modernism is me.

a). True      b). False


11). Post modernism is the same problems with a new facelift.

a). True      b). False


12).  The classical period runs from 2000 BC – 1400 AD

a). True      b). False


Draw lines to match the correct items


13). Pseudo Revivalist                                    1400 – 1960 AD


14).  Erwin McMannus                                    1949 Los Angeles


15).  Modernity                                                emotions and feelings


16). Charismatic                                              Mosaic


17). The church has used the Bible to support slavery and racism.

a). True      b). False


18). Post modernism is a pejorative term describing a person who rejects traditional conservative doctrine 

a). True      b). False


19). The Emergent Church says that doctrinal statements divide people.

a). True      b). False


20). Positive movements in the history of the Christian Church have been initiated by the Holy Spirit’s power in a submissive congregation.

a). True      b). False


21). Doctrinal statements give us anchor points to help us understand God.

a). True      b). False


22). We are separated from God by our sin.  

a). True      b). False


23). When we are delighted by culture we tend to assimilate to it.

a). True      b). False


24). When left uncorrected, negative movements usually breed more activity in the fine arts.  

a). True      b). False


25). We are called by God to grow in our knowledge of sound doctrine.

a). True      b). False




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