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Recounting the Reformation

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1). This reformer defined the unifying doctrine of the reformation

a). Zwingli                               b). Tyndale

c). Luther                                d). Bilney


2). Protestant worship services are focused around

a). lively music                         b). the Bible

c). the writings of Luther          d). none of the above


3). When a person dies committing a venial sin

a). they are eternally secure                  b). they go to purgatory

c). they experience total depravity         d). they must do pennants


4). One of Luther’s theological differences was found in the rejection of 

a). tradition                                            b). canon law

c). allegory                                             d). none of the above


5). William Tyndale was ultimately  betrayed by   

a).  Henry Phillips                                  b).  Matthew Parker

c).  Martin Luther                                   d).  none of the above


6). The “arts” were strongly influenced by the reformation movement.

a). True      b). False


7). The Augsburg Confession states the beliefs of Jacob Arminius

a). True      b). False


8). John Knox was the Archbishop of Canterbury

a). True      b). False


9). During the Reformation Monasticism was sometime regarded as a “flight from responsibility”

a). True      b). False


10). Loyola founded the Augustinian Monastery in Spain.

a). True      b). False


11). Matthew Parker was the Archbishop of Canterbury

a). True      b). False


12). “Erasmus laid the egg, Luther hatched it”

a). True      b). False


Draw lines to match the correct items

13). Calvin                                                                            Greek New Testament

14). Erasmus                                                                        English New Testament

15). Bilney                                                                            five theological points

16). Tyndale                                                                         John Wesley

17). Zwingli                                                                           martyred in Norwich

18).  Arminius                                                                       killed at war


19). Most Protestants only acknowledge two sacraments

a). True      b). False


20). Thomas Bilney also had a degree in law.  

a). True      b). False


21). Erasmus can be compared to some elements of the emergent church.

a). True      b). False


22). At the beginning of the Reformation the infant mortality rate was over 30%

a). True      b). False


23). John Knox was considered to be an unmatched theologian

a). True      b). False


24). During the Renaissance the traditions of the Church interpreted the Scriptures

a). True      b). False


25). Luther said “Neither can any creature loose the bonds, save the blood of Christ only”

a). True      b). False


26). During the Reformation nearly 70% of the population were peasants.

a). True      b). False


27). The “priesthood of all believers” means that the Bible could only be interpreted by the clergy.

a). True      b). False


28). The Augsburg Confession spoke out against the cult of saints.

a). True      b). False


29). William Tyndale was Thomas Moore’s best friend.

a). True      b). False


30). Tyndale was not a scholar of the Latin language.

a). True      b). False


31). Discuss briefly two points of theological development or controversy that were topics of debate during the Reformation.

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