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Certificate of Continued Studies Program

The Central Institute for Educational Advancement
invites our student body to a new level of achievement.
The "Certificate of Continued Studies" is an excellent resume enhancer as well as a beautiful recognition of the your accomplishment.  

The Central Institute for Educational Advancement offers this beautiful personalized certificate award to any of our students who have completed five or more of the self study courses. These courses are offered on our web site or the printed courses may be ordered via the US Postal Service at the address given on CIEA web site or at the bottom of this page. Those who complete the requirements of this certificate program will also become members of the CIEA Honor Society at no additional charge.
This certificate program is open to all professional licensees from any state, and not just those for whom approval has been granted by thier state licensing agency. Non licensed professionals may also participate in this certificate program by first obtaining permission from the CIEA Office of Admissions. (See the link marked "Application") If you are taking, or are planning on taking any CIEA self study courses, please consider this handsome achievement recognition package. This certificate program is a very qualified learning incentive and an excellent resume enhancer.        

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