International Christian Ministerial Congress
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You are cordially invited to receive membership in the
A global outreach in Christian love and faith 

As an ordained minister in the Christian faith, you may become recognized in the fellowship of one of the fastest growing clergy associations worldwide. Your affilliation with ICMC will enhance your connections with Christian churches and ministerial opportunities on a global platform. Your annual membership includes our quarterly newsletter complete with names and addresses of other ICMC members around the world which can help you make the connections you need to accomplish the ministry goals you have been called to, a beautiful personalized 8.5 x 11 inch certificate of membership and several discount coupons for ministry related materials and supplies. The cost of annual dues is only $ 25.oo (U.S. Funds). To join, just click on the "Application" link above and follow the instructions. ICMC is an interdenominational Christian organization that recognizes all Christians which affirm the fundamentals of the Christian faith (See the above link titled "Faith"), including Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox.      

P.O. Box 750491  Dayton, Ohio 45475-0491