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Religion in the American Revolution

Print the examination and answer the questions. You may use your notes as you answer the questions. Then mail your completed examination  to the address below.

1). A common misconception about the United States is that

a).The first president was a deist.                     b).The Pope came to America in the 17th century

c). It was founded as a Christian nation           d).None of these


2). This man was the first Roman Catholic Bishop in the United States

a). Martin Luther                   b).John Carroll

c). Thomas Paine                   d).None of these


3).  Some historians and archeologists place the discovery of America as early as the fourth century.

a). TRUE     b). FALSE


4).  In that culture, as in ours today, where there is an attraction for greater wealth, one can almost be certain to find a political partner or motivation close at hand.

a). TRUE     b). FALSE


5).  King George III was not only the king of England but he was also the head of the Church of England

a). TRUE     b). FALSE


6). Deism was originally a French religion

a). TRUE     b). FALSE


Draw lines to match the words correctly


7). Anabaptists                                                 Anglican


8). Church of England                                     Bishop


9). Thomas Paine                                             Common Sense


10). John Carroll                                             Pacifists


11). The American Revolution was ignited on April 19,1775

a). TRUE     b). FALSE


12). Luther preached that grace is a gift from God that you received through participation in the sacramental system of the Roman Catholic Church.

a). TRUE     b). FALSE


13). John Wesley was an ordained Catholic Priest.

a). TRUE     b). FALSE


14). Until the Revolutionary, Catholics in the colonies were under the rule of a vicar apostolic resident in London

a). TRUE     b). FALSE


Draw lines to match the words correctly


15). Scottish                                                   Lutherans


16). English                                                   Presbyterians


17). German                                                  Anabaptists


18). Pennsylvania                                          Anglican


19). In the United States of America, the dominant religious influence came from the _________ population .

a).Protestant .                                 b). Deist

c). Roman Catholic                        d). None of these


20). Francis Asbury and Thomas Jefferson were placed in charge of the North American branch of Methodism.

a). TRUE     b). FALSE


Draw lines to match the words correctly


21). George III                                                     Reformer


22). Pius VI                                                           Pope


23). Benjamin Franklin                                       King


24). John Calvin                                                   Deist


25). The dates of the Revolutionary War are;

a). 1765-1789                                 b). 1776-1781

c). 1775- 1778                                d). None of these


26). US religious history often appears to be based on deistic values and principles.

a). TRUE     b). FALSE


27).  Select one of the personalities mentioned in this course (Example; Thomas Jefferson, John Wesley, etc.) and give a minimum of three facts about them not stated in this course. Be sure to identify your source of information.  (Your answer is worth 15% of your grade)




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