CIEA Mentality Type Test
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Answer the following questions on a scale of 1-5

1 = not at all 2 = not very much 3 = not sure 4 = maybe 5 = positively yes


1). I find satisfaction in completing basic tasks. q

2). I enjoy listening to others talk about their problems. q

3). I think it is interesting to see how things function. q

4). I want to have many careers in my lifetime. q

5). When things slow down, I get bored. q

6). I have no problem displaying my emotions. q

7). Numbers and statistics are very interesting. q

8). I could travel for a living. q

9). I like to take on projects I can do all by myself. q

10). I have learned a lot from my personal history. q

11). I enjoy learning what others are thinking about. q

12). Its easy for me to think "outside the box". q

13). Obtainable goals are a very necessary part of my life. q

14). It is easy for me to be happy when others around me are happy. q

15). I enjoy solving puzzles. q

16). I need to examine all the possibilities. q

17). I find contentment in coordinating others to work in harmony together. q

18). I need to influence on others. q

19). I am, or could be a perpetual student. q

20). I often think that there has to be a better way. q

21). I like to be in charge. q

22). Sometimes I am sad for no apparent reason at all. q

23). I utilize checklists and list to help me accomplish things. q

24). I have a very active imagination. q

The CIEA Mentality Type Test is a personal evaluation tool designed to help you identify how your personality and your thought processing work together. Results are based on a "four block" mentality system and generally yield an 85% accurracy by definition.  
Enter the number that best describes your answer in the block at the end of each answer. Print out your answers and your email address, and mail them to the address below along with a seven dollar ($ 7.oo) processing fee. A detailed report will be emailed to you within three to five business days. For a faster response you may e-mail your answers and your telephone number to us, and we will contact regarding placing the processing fee of ten dollars ($ 10.oo) on your Mastercard or Visa card. This usually takes about 24-48 hours to turn around.

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