Personal Doctrinal Questionnaire
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The Northworld Company is currently developing an information base of American's individual beliefs and religious practices. If you would, please answer the multiple choice questions below and email your results to us by clicking HERE  
You may select as many answers for each question that may apply to you or your personal beliefs.  

1). My religious preference is :

a). Protestant Christian   

b).Roman Catholicism  

c).Greek Orthodox  

d). None of the above 


2). My parents raised me as a

a).Protestant Christian  

b).Roman Catholic 

c). Greek Orthodox  

d). None of the above


3). My doctrinal beliefs

a).lean toward the teachings of Calvin 

b).lean toward the teachings of Augustine

c).lean towards the teachings of Clement

d).lean toward the teachings of Wesley

e).are a blend of the above teachings 

f).I have no idea

g).are none of the above


4). I consider myself to be

a).a dispensationalist 

b).a constantinian 

c).a covenentalist   

d). a unitarian  

e). a reconstructionist  

f). I have no idea   

g). none of the above


5). I believe my lifestyle represents

a).that of a fundamentalist  

b).that of an evangelical

c).that of a charismatic  

d).that of a secular humanist 

e).None of the above


6). I believe I

a). have been eternally predestined  

b).am fully sanctified - right now

c).am a free moral agent   

d).don’t know what I believe


7). Eschatalogically, I

a).am waiting for the rapture  

b).would like to welcome the King

c).do not care what happens   

d).just want out of here


8). I personally believe

a).morality is determined individually 

b).that all Christians should vote

c).men and women are equal   

d).one day we will all be redeemed


9). Truth is :

a).always absolute  

b).always relative

c).often absolute

d).often relative


10). I believe death is

a). only physical or mortal  

b).the end of existence as we know it

c).only spiritually defined    

d).a doorway to eternal life

e)..none of the above


11). Life is

a).really just a spiritual existence   

b).meant to be enjoyed physically

c).temporary and will end permanently

d).not about feeling good all the time


12). Someday I will

a).deal more with my faith issues 

b).know what I really believe

c).try to get right with God  

d).try to get rid of my bad habit(s)

e).do all of the above  

f).not do any of the above


13). An agnostic is someone that

a). believes in Satanic power   

b).believes God exists but cannot relate to us

c).believes God is a patriarchal being       

d). believes God is actual a female

e). all of the above   

f). I have no idea how they would believe     

g). believes none of the above


14). A Gnostic is someone that

a). believes the DaVinci Code is real      

b). believes God is actual a female

c). seeks God through personal knowledge        

d). is interested in UFOs

e).I have no idea how they would believe       

f).believes none of the above


15). I believe Jesus 

a).was a great philosopher and teacher       

b).was the only Son of God

c).was an indigenous healer of His day       

d). was only a perfect man

e).is someone I need to learn more about    

f). is someone I don’t know








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You do not need to identify yourself in any way. Your comments are welcome but not required. You may also mail your results to us via the USPS at the address listed below. There is no cost or obligation on your part to participate in this survey. Thank you for participating in our survey!


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