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Course PMS 101



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1). Jesus is the one who calls people to

a). apostleship

b). pastoral ministry

c). a land that they know not

d). both a& b


2). A “Prophet” is a minister used to ground Christians in  

a). discipleship

b). ministry

c). relational issues

d). none of the above


3). This type of pastor specializes in drama, music and AV

a). senior pastor

b). worship arts

c). deacon

d). elder


4). A good shepherd does not    

a). concentrate on theology

b). know his sheep

c). discriminate

d). none of the above


5). Moses ministers usually come to a congregation to

a). fulfill a specific need

b). start unnecessary programs

c). meet new people

d). all of the above


6). A “Teacher” is a minister that  

a). wins the lost to Jesus

b). instructs Christians in God’s Word

c). comes in from the wilderness

d). none of the above


7).  An executive pastor is a

a). Senior Pastor

b). Superintendent

c). Bishop

d). none of the above


8). D.Min is another way of saying     

a). demon

b). denominationalism

c). Doctor of Ministry

d). both a & c


9). A good shepherd’s commitment to the flock is based in     

a). nourishment

b). love

c). career motivation

d). both a & c


10). An example of man’s choices not being correct or working is found in     

a). Galatians 3

b). Philippians 2

c). Matthew 28

d). none of the above


11). In John 10:16 Jesus is making a suggestion as to the existence of aliens.      

a). True     b). False


12).  The Prophet expresses care and comfort for the congregation.     

a). True     b). False


13).  The call to pastoral ministry comes from Jesus Christ and from Godly men.     

a). True     b). False


14). The good shepherd must consider how he or she is being compensated.        

a). True     b). False


15). The authority of God in pastoral ministry cannot be earned.        

a). True     b). False


16). The evangelist instructs believers in the principles of God’s word.  

a). True     b). False


17). An “Executive Pastor” is sometimes referred to as an “Associate Pastor”.  

a). True     b). False


Draw lines to match the following


18). Prophet                                                     Governs 


19). Apostle                                                      Guides


20). Evangelist                                                  Guards


21). Teacher                                                      Gathers


22). Pastor                                                         Grounds



23). “Joshua” ministers tend to be more long term ministers.

a). True     b). False


24). The Greek word “poimen” means to prophesy, or to proclaim the truth.

a). True     b). False


25). One job of the “Apostle” is to recognize and appoint leadership in new churches.

a). True     b). False


26). “Moses” ministers are usually called to very general need filling situations.  

a). True     b). False


27). The “Evangelist” is generally an excellent congregational leader.

a). True     b). False


28). Ministers that are raised up from within a congregation are often called “indigenous”. 

a). True     b). False


Draw lines to match the following


29). Senior Pastor                                           Administrative issues of the congregation


30).Youth / Student Pastor                             Spiritual development of youth


31). Executive Pastor                                      Primary leader and preacher


32). Associate Pastor                                       Music drama and related aspects


33). Worship Arts Pastor                                 Variety of supportive roles


34 Think about a minister (congregational leader) you know personally. Identify him or her by one of the five leadership ministries listed in Ephesians 4. Briefly explain why he or she represents that ministry to you. (Your answer is worth 15% of your grade)



30). Focus inward on your own personality and/or God given abilities in or for potential ministry. Which of the five leadership ministries listed in Ephesians 4 would you place yourself to be most likely involved with. Briefly explain why. (Your answer is worth 15% of your grade)


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