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Foundational Biblical Counseling

Print the examination and answer the questions. You may use your notes as you answer the questions. Then mail your completed examination to the address below.

1). People who often think through and emotional filter ask  

a). why they are tired                                  b). why they feel this way

c). for drugs                                                d). none of the above


2).  The three Ls of effective counseling are

a). light, love and laughter                          b). listen, learn and love

c).  listen, love and laugh                            d).  none of the above


3).  People who think through a plausible filter

a).   are interested in options                      b).  do specific things

c).  generally commit suicide                      d).  none of the above


4). A counselor is primarily a  

a).  type of a “savior”                                  b).  psychologist 

c).  tool box                                                d).  none of the above


5). Counseling and teaching are very similar in many ways.   

a). TRUE          b). FALSE


6). Words mean things and often create feelings.    

a). TRUE          b). FALSE


7).  Words rarely form liabilities. 

a). TRUE          b). FALSE


8).  “Feelers” think through the plausible thought filter 

a). TRUE          b). FALSE


9). Proof is convincing evidence.  

a). TRUE          b). FALSE


10). Biblical based counseling keeps the word of God center stage.  

a). TRUE          b). FALSE


11).  James 1:19 speaks about being a good listener

a). TRUE          b). FALSE


12). The “Problem of Sin” affect most people.   

a). TRUE          b). FALSE


Draw lines between the best matching words.


13).  listen                                                                          not a “savior”



14).  motivational                                                collecting information



15).  counselor                                                                      experience



16).  knowledge                                                                         function



17).   analytical                                                                              driver



18). This is a problematic area typically addressed in counseling

a). anxiety                                                                    b). acrophobia

c).  insomnia                                                                d).  none of these


19). Grief is considered to be

a).  explosive in nature                               b). a psycho para-normal experience

c).  normal, natural and necessary            d).  none of these


20). Grief is one of the foundational issues 

a). in all physical illnesses                          b). in most counseling situations

c).  in children’s birth defects                                          d).  none of these



21). What areas of Biblical counseling would interest you the most, and why? (10 % of your grade)


22). Why is the Bible such an important counseling tool? Use a scripture reference in your answer. (10 % of your grade) 



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