Christology Credentials



Shelterglen University
School of Theology

1). The imagery and graphic depictions of creatures and events in the book of Revelation are quick to _________________ the reader.


2). There is this urgency expressed so that we might promptly _____________ the truths and receive the _____________________ of what is written in this book into our lives.


3). There is none ___________, more _____________ or with more ___________ or authority than Jesus Christ.


4).  When there are five things listed or there are five people used by God in situational occurrences, it is generally ________________ to be priestly or spiritually ________________ in its nature and ____________________ to our faith.


5). Jesus acknowledged before His ___________________ that all (complete) authority was His and that they (we) could __________ under that __________________ because we are His disciples.


6). The core definitions of this word “__________________” in the original Greek simple mean that John was ________________ by the Holy Spirit to write this book, and to some extent refer to John as a ____________ rather than a _______________________ .


7). A vision is always given to illustrate a spiritual ____________. It is never given to _______________ a physical reality of the present or ______________ .


8). It is by no effort of our own that we ________________ under the liberty and power of ______________ in Christ. It is strictly by the shedding of His ____________ on Calvary.


9). The word Christ is actually a transliterated _________ into Greek (christos) from the parallel word in the ________________ we know as “_________________”.


10). The first credential ______________ Christ to be the faithful witness. In the original Greek this phrase literally translates as the “______________  _______________  ____________ .”


12). The title of Revelation literally means

a]. apocalypse

b]. illuminate

c]. unveiling

d]. Latin




13). The love of Jesus Christ for each one of us is completely

a]. innocent

b]. fathomless and overwhelming

c]. dependent upon grace

d]. dependent upon mercy


14). When we respond to the credentials of Jesus Christ’s High Priesthood, then we become

a]. sinless like Him

b]. a kingdom of priests

c]. sinners saved by grace

d]. none of the above


15).  Jesus not only expressed this abundant love, but He also taught us that His love should be evident

a]. in our lives

b]. in eternity

c]. bothe a&b

d]. none of the above


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