Degree Completion Project
Degree Completion Checklist

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To complete your Degree program, you are required to write a paper demonstrating your knowledge on the subject of Chrisitan ministry, and how you have grown and developed because of the course materials you have studied. Your paper must be a minimum of four thousand (4000) words and must contain a minimum of at least  five (5) references or quotations from the course material you have studied. The paper must contain the same values and principals that you have learned in this degree program. You are welcome to use other material that was not included in the program. This paper is required in order for you to recieve your degree from Shelterglen University. A grade for your paper will appear on your educational transcript. There is no charge to submit your paper. Please mail your completed paper along with all of the other course examinations under the same cover to the address below. You must also fill out and send a degree completion form found on a link on the Shelterglen University home page.   

Shelterglen University
P.O. Box 750491
Dayton, Ohio    45475