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Print and complete this examination and mail it to the address below.
PLEASE NOTE: To pass this examination and receive your diploma andothe applicable documents, you must answer 31 of the 38 answers correctly.   

1). A monitor helps you see what the computer is doing

TRUE            FALSE

2). The first few days of employment are relatively unimportant

TRUE           FALSE

3). Instructions for operating various office equipment should be kept in a file.

TRUE           FALSE

4). Software and programs are generally synonymous terms.

TRUE           FALSE

5). WWW stands for world wide web

TRUE           FALSE

6). Organization is a primary aspect of running a profitable efficient business.

TRUE           FALSE

7). The printer controls a little white arrow on the screen.

TRUE           FALSE

8). Never try to control the employee without motivating or empowering the employee also.

TRUE           FALSE

9). The internet is the wiring between the scanner and the computer

TRUE              FALSE

10). Communications must be thorough and consistent in order to be effective.

TRUE             FALSE

11). The keyboard is the device that helps you give commands to the computer.

TRUE             FALSE

12). It is not wise to have another employee or partner attend the interview of a potential employee.

TRUE            FALSE

13). Personal computers cannot be coupled together to make a network of computers.

TRUE            FALSE

14). Incoming communication must be monitored thoroughly.

TRUE           FALSE

15). Clicking on the mouse generally destroys the various abilities of the computer

TRUE          FALSE

16). When dismissing an employee, it is best to set an example by firing them in front of the other employees.

TRUE          FALSE

17). The printer produces documents generated by your computer software

TRUE           FALSE

Fill in the Blanks

18). Putting together a printed ____________ of such benefits and ______________ may be very useful in helping this part of the conversation ______________ smoothly.

19). Operating a business that is ___________________ to all government standards and regulations can be an extensive and __________________ project in itself.

20). The best way to secure a __________ working relationships with your employees (full or part time help) is to have a solid ______________________ to work from.

21). If your business does not produce a line of tangible _____________ (some form of merchandise) or a needed service, you have ______________ to offer the marketplace.

22). The process of ________________ job responsibilities is an _________________ one, and not to be accomplished without strong considerations of all the _______________.

23). Always allow room in your outgoing _______________ for _______________ from the receiver.

24). When you produce a _______________ only to the general ________________ you may be generally referred to as a _______________ or merchandiser.

Multiple Choice

25). Ideally , the product of any business should be both

a] small and compact

b] preferable and predictable

c] solid and attractive

d] none of the above

26). Employer/employee relationships stay in tact because of which two basic elements

a] love and concern

b] deceit and destruction

c] intimidation and overpowering

d] none of the above

27). A printed job description states

a] the expectations of the employer

b] the history of the business

c] the compensation s to the potential employee

d] both a & c

28). The qualified manager must have

a] both feet on the ground

b] spoken out appropriately

c] been properly educated

d] an intimate working knowledge of the business


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