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Fill in the blank....

1). Children form their attitudes about death at a very ____________ age.

2). Some children and teenagers will grow, ___________ and ______________ faster or slower than others in same age groupings.

3). Eventually most teens will re-__________ emotionally and ______________ on their own terms.

4). Many parents cant deal with the occurrences of ___________ in and around their own life.

5). We need to be even more _________ to childrens questions and ____________ regarding death and dying,

True or False

6). One of the worst reactions we can have is to stifle or criticize a childs communications.

a. TRUE            b. FALSE

7). Using a statement like "Grandma is a sleep" will help the child understand the meaning of death.

a. TRUE             b.  FALSE

8). Simple honest answers about what your family believes about life after death are going to be the best replies.

a. TRUE             b. FALSE

9). In the age group 4-5, They may or may not comprehend that death is irreversible.

a. TRUE            b. FALSE

10). If you sense the child might have an immediate fear of their own death, it is good to let them know what could go wrong.

a. TRUE          b.  FALSE

11). Sheltering the child from death will only make it harder for them to accept later in life.

a. TRUE         b. FALSE

12). Society and in particular, educators, media and other dominant influences play a key role in the development of the values around the situation of death itself and the methods of final disposition.

a. TRUE         b. FALSE

13). Many times a child will come into a knowledge of how to deal with death by watching a friend or a peer cope with a death

a. TRUE        b. FALSE

14). What we so easily forget is that children dont usually grieve.

a.TRUE        b. FALSE

15). In order to communicate effectively to children and teenagers on such subjects as death, dying, grief and loss, it is vitally important to "re-learn" their language and thought processes.

a. TRUE     b. FALSE

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