General Pastoral Ministry



Thomas Bilney Institute for Biblical Research

1). The only correct worship service is a traditional one

True    False


2). The contemporary worship service includes only praise and worship choruses. 

True    False


3). You must have a baptismal service every week.

True     False


4). A baptismal candidate must sing a song before being baptized.

True      False


5). Committal rights are said at the place of final disposition (cemetery).

True      False


6). Setting  boundaries for yourself is very important

True      False


7). Make the leaders of your church apart of your ministry but do not share in their ministry.

True      False

9). Ministers should learn to recognize and appoint leaders as

a). Elders

b). Deacons

c). Ministry leaders

d). all of the above


9).  The minister’s prayer life is very important to the

a). board of directors

b). church building

c). the pulpit

d). congregation 


10). Learning to know when enough is enough is

a). nominally important

b). an outrageous possibility

c). on Christian TV

d). very important


11). The Christian minister’s life should be

a). involved in regular Bible study

b). a reflection of the glory of Jesus Christ

c). founded in prayer

d). all of the above


12).  Our worship should give

a). God glory and honor

b). God repeatedly requests for all the things we need

c). the church board of directors praise

d). financially to the building fund


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