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Introduction to Business


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1). Risk is managed by the decision making process

a). True      b). False


2). The return or profit realized from a business has nothing to do with its overall success.

a). True      b). False


3). Many people that invest in a business desire to experience a financial loss

a). True      b). False


4). Competition is good for the business investor and owner.

a). True      b). False


5). Profit does not always have to be measured in sums of dollars.

a). True      b). False


6). Risk can be completely eliminated through good decision making processes.

a). True      b). False


7). The amount of knowledge of the business you are about to go into will definitely help you lower the risk

a). True      b). False


8). Technology is constantly changing and expanding into new aspects of business management and production.

a). True      b). False


9).  Angry competitors produce better profits.

a). True      b). False


10).  Reinvestment is necessary for restoration.

a). True      b). False


11). Some investments are made by groups of people, generally referred to as employees.

a). True      b). False


12). Some business owners are simply glad to receive the satisfaction of

a). selling out     

b). buying a competitor’s business

c). breaking even

d). all of the above


13). If there is no risk, you are not

a). in trouble

b). in business

c). in the black

d). none of the above


14). Regardless of the reason, reinvestment is

a). required

b). ridiculous

c). a possible option

d). none of the above


15). Risk is the chance you take when you

a). go into business

b). sing too much

c). don’t try at all

d). none of the above

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