The Life and Organization of the Church



Shelterglen University
School of Theology

1). The birth of the Christian church took place in Jerusalem during the Jewish Feast of Pentecost.


True    False


2). According to Ephesians 2 , the Foundation of the Church is found in the Old Testament patriarchs.


True    False


3). God lives or dwells in the Christian church through His Holy Spirit.

True     False


4). Protestant Christian Churches generally divide over popular theologies called Calvinism and Wesleyan

True      False


5). The individual believer cannot be inhabited by the Holy Spirit without the help of the local and universal churches.

True      False

6). When the followers of Christ were gathered together in intense prayer on the feast of Pentecost:

a). they saw a vision of the resurrected Christ

b). they fell asleep

c). they were nearly killed by a violent windstorm 

d). they were all filled with the Holy Spirit


7).  The universal church consists of

a). people all over the world from all religions

b). people who share a common belief in Jesus Christ as their personal savior

c). Jewish Pharisees and the Old Testament patriarchs

d). a series of buildings called cathedrals 


8). Admittance into the universal Christian church is granted by

a). filling out a membership card

b). being baptized in water

c). accepting Jesus Christ as our personal savior

d). drinking wine and eating bread.


9). After His resurrection Jesus Christ was

a). more like a semi invisible ghost that kept surprising the apostles

b). traveling all over the world

c). very tired and exhausted

d). seen by hundreds before his ascension into heaven


10).  In the Universal, Local and Individual church Jesus Christ is the

a). cornerstone of their spiritual existence

b). chief songwriter and music director

c). central focal point

d). both a). &  C).


11). One of the common denominators of the Christian church is

a). Stained glass windows

b). That Jesus Christ is the central focus in  our salvation

c).  fire and water are used.

d). none of the above


12). Practical ministry leaders are

a). monks in monastaries

b). elders and overseers

c). deacons and deaconesses

d). apostles that govern


13). The gift ministry of the prophet

a). guards the church

b). gathers and evangelizes 

c). sings in the choir

d). none of the above


14). The Greek word “sunago” means

a). to purify by fire

b). a collection of parts

c). to be baptized by immersion

d). to make disciples


15). The local church is a ________________ local gathering of Christians who tend to cater to their own ______________ and _________________ within Christianity.


16). The second is the prophet, which is the ______________ of _________, which may be past , _________ or future truth.



17). The universal church is a complete __________ of people who have a common belief in Jesus Christ as their personal savior. They recognize Jesus Christ is the _________ (cornerstone) of the ___________ .


18). The teacher is the ________________ and _____________ in the truths of God.


19). We wait for His _________________ and __________________ return.


20). When the Holy Spirit came upon them it was evidenced by ___________. In their particular case it was the power to ___________ in known languages that they themselves had not __________ how to speak ________.


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