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Understanding Grief and Loss


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1). Learning the right ways and the more effective communication skills in dealing with those who have experienced loss, is very important.



2). Grief is not a personal experience.



3). If someone who has experienced a loss claims to “be over it” or says that they are no longer grieving, they may not require more care and help through the process.



4). Memories are the fuel of a bad grief process



5). Intellectual communications with caring people will help them start to walk through the grief and on to healing.



6). There is no _______, final stage, ___________ or cure for grief.


7). Many ______________ can’t deal with the __________ in their own life


8). There are situations where the _________ we encounter from some of the ____________ involved in the grief process can be properly directed towards ____________ activities


9). Many times the _______________ process will open the door for them to ______________ communicate their feelings and emotions.


10). Some counselors now speak of grief in “_______” rather than stages


11). There may be times where the ____________ of someone’s grief process ______________ or may even appear to be ___________________.


12). We are breeding a generation of ____________ in our society that are not capable of properly dealing with ___________ and ________ issues


13). We may want to let those who are experiencing grief know that they may get “____________” by grief unexpectedly.


14). Even though some may experience grief in different ways and __________, there is still a blanket of normality and need for the grief processes that we _________ have in _____________ .


15). More contemporary psychologists now have lists that may include anywhere from ________ to _______, even up to twenty various ____________ of grief.


16). Without begging them or becoming obnoxious, you can gently ___________ them from time to time to take the liberty of __________________ their feelings.



17). It is easy for some people experiencing grief to

a). dream

b). develop harmful habits

c). go to Gatlinburg, Tennessee

d). all of the above


18) Education does play a role

a). in producing tolerable mourners

b). bad habits

c). in the grief care process

d). all of the above


19). Normalization lets someone in grief know

a). what they are feeling is normal

b). that heir diet is really ok

c). about the local news.

d). none of the above.


20). What generally produces a more solid recovery from grief

a). less sleep

b). accepting grief slowly

c). new life changes

d). all of the above.  

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