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Please circle the correct response

1). Intuitive grievers may never "self medicate"

a. TRUE       b. FALSE

2). Becoming addicted to the internet is one form of self medication.

a. TRUE       b. FALSE

3). Spiritual guidance is important to relieving one grief.

a. TRUE       b. FALSE

4). Practical procedures rarely help the griever find relief.

a. TRUE       b. FALSE

5). Wishful grievers are mainly intuitive grievers.

a. TRUE       b. FALSE

6). Most people looking for a counselor or caregiver are primarily looking for acceptance.

a. TRUE       b. FALSE

7). It is good to find ways in which someones strength can help memorialize the loss if necessary.

a. TRUE       b. FALSE

8). There are six primary ways to self-medicate.

a. TRUE       b. FALSE

9). Loss is always a negative experience.

a. TRUE       b. FALSE

10). Bereavement is the actual expression of that sensation we call pain.

a. TRUE       b. FALSE

11). Inappropriate sexual activity may indicate the griever may be trying to fill the mental or spiritual void felt with a physical relationship

a. TRUE       b. FALSE

Fill in the blank

12). Some grievers ______________ themselves to the loss with one ______________ event

13). The normal physical surroundings of the griever have changed because of the _________ of the person or thing that they have been ______________ from

14). Most people experiencing ________ or intense _______ just need a __________.

15). Most grievers need to "__________ their world" after they have experienced a _________.

16). If the family enjoys singing together, encourage them to ________ a song that brings a _______ to their faces or _______ to their hearts

17). Many grief counselors now speak of grief in "______" rather than ________. These phases may be experienced in no specific _______ and are not limited to a certain number of ___________ during the grieving process

18). Grief can be ______________ and mentally _________.

19). Discovering our ________________ may help us find ways of ____________ our expressions of grief.

20). It is always good to develop a process _________ to the grievers ____________ that you are caring for.

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