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The Book of Hebrews


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1). Barnabas used phrases like “In Christ” and “the resurrection” in his extra canonical writings.

a). TRUE      b). FALSE


2). Abel’s faith caused him to offer the acceptable sacrifice.  

a). TRUE      b). FALSE


3). Hebrews 11:2 shows us the results of genuine faith.

a). TRUE      b). FALSE


4). The Epistle of Hebrews was written sometime prior to 70 AD   

a). TRUE      b). FALSE


5). Jesus Christ is the experienced and superior Priest.

a). TRUE      b). FALSE


6). The example of Jesus Christ’s superiority is found in the virgin birth.  

a). TRUE      b). FALSE


7). The definition of genuine faith is found in Hebrews 1:1

a). TRUE      b). FALSE


8). Hebrews tells us that God’s Kingdom is secure.    

a). TRUE      b). FALSE


9).  The book of Hebrews was written to Jewish practitioners of Christianity.

a). TRUE      b). FALSE


10). Jesus Christ is eternally enduring and consistent.     

a). TRUE      b). FALSE


Draw lines to connect the related words correctly


11). division                                              psuche      


12). soul                                                    kritikos


13). spirit                                                   pneuma


14). judge                                                   merismos



15). Melchizedek offered Abraham

a). a tenth of the spoils of war

b). bread and wine

c). the Abrahamic Covenant

d). none of the above


16). Hebrews 1:3-4 proclaims Jesus Christ to be superior

a). to Satan

b). all of the men of old             

c). any other priest

d). none of the above


17). Melchizedek, King of Salem in reality is

a). a pre-incarnate form of Jesus Christ

b). the first ancient king of Salem                       

c). another type of priest

d). none of the above


18). Joseph’s faith proclaimed future

a). prosperity

b). disaster

c). deliverance

d). all of the above


19). Jesus Christ is the High Priest 

a). in Jerusalem

b). forever in the order of Melchizedek   

c). over all sacrifices

d). none of the above


20). The real Mount Zion and the real Jerusalem

a). are located in Palestine

b). were destroyed in 70 AD

c). can be found in heaven

d). none of the above


Draw lines to connect the related words correctly


21). Moses                                             faith that pleased God


22). Rahab                                             faith helped lead others


23). Noah                                               faith foresaw the need of salvation


24). Enoch                                              faith to beat the odds


25). What was the common denominator in all of the people mentioned in Hebrews 11?

a). they never died

b). their faith caused the same results

c). obedience

d). all of the above


26). In Hebrews 11:39, the famous people mentioned never

a). suffered persecution for their faith

b). saw the fulfillment of God’s promise of a redeemer

c). received hope

d). none of the above


27). The Greek word “merismos” refers to

a). problematic mentalities

b). the breath of God 

c). a surgical incision

d). none of the above


28). The word of God shows us that God can see our

a). thoughts

b). motivations

c). intentions

d). all of the above


29). Jesus is considered to be a mediator

a). of a new covenant

b). between God and angels

c). and a new Moses

d). all of the above


30). The Greek word “psuche” deals with the

a). life and breath of God

b). mental processes and physical life 

c). good discernment

d). none of the above


31). Explain the differences between “grace” and “mercy”. Briefly discuss the source of “grace” and “mercy” using a reference in Hebrews. (10% of your grade)



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