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Developing Pastoral Ministry

This course is worth three (3) credits toward your degree program.
Instructions : Listen to all of the audio lectures, starting below in the order they are numbered. Follow all of the prompts to each consecutive section. Take thorough notes as you listen to each lecture. When you have listened to all of the segments in each lecture and you are ready to take the examination, click on the above link titled PMS101 Examination. Print the examination out. Complete all of the answers and mail it to the address listed below along with the $ 30.oo course tuition.

PMS101 A-1

PMS101 A-2

PMS101 A-3

PMS101 A-4

PMS101 A-5

PMS101 A-6

PMS101 A-7

PMS101 A-8

PMS101 A-9

PMS101 A-10

PMS101 A-11

PMS101 A-12

PMS101 A-13

PMS101 A-14

PMS101 A-15

PMS101 A-16

PMS101 A-17

PMS101 A-18

PMS101 A-19

PMS101 A-20

PMS101 A-21

PMS101 A-22

PMS101 A-23

PMS101 A-24

PMS101 A-25

PMS101 A-26

You have completed listening to Lecture One. Click here to procede to Lecture Two.

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