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Biblical Christology

Print the examination and answer the questions. You may use your notes as you answer the questions. Then mail your completed examination to the address below.

1). The word “Messiah” appears ___  times in the Bible   

a).  twelve         b).  one

c). four             d).  none of these            


2). The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the pivotal aspect of our salvation

a). True    b). False


3). Which passage of scripture is unrelated to the commissioning of the church

a). Matthew 28:18-20        b). Mark 16:15-18

c). John 14:11-15              d). Galatians 4:4,5


4). A “transliteration” exchanges words into another language for redefinition.

a). True    b). False


5). To know Jesus Christ personally is to know God the Father.

a). True    b). False


6). An example of Jesus’ moral teachings are found in the sermon on the Mount.

a). True    b). False


7). Which one of these writers may have been the first to use the Greek word “Christos”.

a). John              b). Mark

c). Luke             d). Timothy


8), The sinless life of Christ helps to define His

a). divinity                 b). humanity

c). virgin birth           d). kingship

9).Christ is referred to theologically as the “Second Person of the Trinity”.

a). True    b). False


10). The self definition of Jesus Christ points to the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophets.

a). True    b). False


11). The term “Christ” is really similar to what we today would call a surname.

a). True    b). False


12). Paul was the first New Testament writer to proclaim the virgin birth of Jesus.

a). True    b). False


13). “Son of Man” was also a title given to Old Testament prophets.

a). True    b). False


14). Many Samaritans recognized Jesus Christ as the Savior of the World.

a). True    b). False


15). To experience Jesus Christ intimately is to be

a). baptized in water                      b). bodily resurrected

c). filled with His Holy Spirit        d). none of these


16). The ascension of Christ is really all about His

a). new body                                   b). moral teachings being fulfilled

c). resurrection                               d). exaltation


17). The primary purpose for Jesus Christ to live in humanity was

a). to live an exemplary life            b). His sacrificial atonement

c). to commission the church         d). His moral teachings


18). Jesus Commissioned Peter as the first leader of the church.

a). True    b). False


19). In the New Testament Jesus becomes the central focus of the Gospels.

a). True    b). False


20). During Jesus’ life, He was the only “Christ”.

a). True    b). False


21). Discuss how Jesus the Christ is also Jesus our “King”. Support your answer with scripture. (your answer is worth 20% of your grade)


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