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Central Institute for Educational Advancement

CIEA 3001 From the Pulpit to the Grave (Study Course Only)

CIEA 3002 Stress Reduction for Funeral Directors 

CIEA 3003 Growing to Become A More Effective Aftercare Provider

CIEA 3004 Preparation Room Management (Study Course Only)

CIEA 3005 Developing Healthy Attitudes in the Arrangements Room

CIEA 3006 Enhancing Your Business Management Skills (Study Course Only)

CIEA 3007 Grief & Loss – Better Care in the 21st Century

CIEA 3008 Talking With Children And Teens About Death and Dying

CIEA 3009 Healthy Relationships in the Workplace (Seminar Only)

CIEA 3010 Unique Tools for Those in Grief

CIEA 3011 Professional Ethics – A Filter for Priorities and Goals  (Seminar Only)

CIEA 3012 Comparing Religious Practices of Grief in North America (Seminar Only)

CIEA 3013 Troubleshooting Your Professional Practice

CIEA 3014 What in the World Am I Doing? (Seminar Only)

CIEA 3015 Christian Denominationalism : The Effect on Grief (Seminar Only)

CIEA 3016 Death Out of Order

CIEA 3017 The History of the Funeral Service Flower Car (Seminar Only)

CIEA 3018 The Asian American Funeral (Seminar Only)

CIEA 3019 The Psychology of Music in the Workplace (Seminar Only)

CIEA 3020 The Journey Through Grief

CIEA 3022 The History of the American Funeral Home


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