Funeral Home Assistant Certification Course
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four

Central Institute for Educational Advancement
Course # 5001
This course is designed for potential funeral service employees to gain a greater working knowledge of the funeral home / mortuary environment, so as to become a more qualified assitant in such employment situations.

To completre this course follow these instructions:
Read through each chapter of the course.
You may want to take notes as you study.

After you have read and studied the text for this course, print this examination out and answer the questions correctly. You may refer to the text and your notes when answering the questions. 


You will need to obtain a minimum score of 80% to complete this certification course.


Mail your completed exam along with your $ 40.oo tuition (check or money order - do not send cash) to the address below.  


Remember that you must also complete CIEA Course # 3022 , the History of the North American Funeral Home to recieve your Funeral Home Assistant certification


After your examination is recieved and graded, you will recieve a personalized certificate of course completion suitable for framing, within 14 business days. 


Click here to take the course titled "The History of the North American Funeral Home"

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