Developing Healthy Attitudes in the Arrangements Conference Room
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Multiple Choice - Circle the letter of the correct answer.

1). Try to keep the arrangements room free of

a). oil paintings

b). catalogues

c). technology

d). all of the above

2). A funeral director should always try to maintain or restore

a). the bottom line of the purchase agreement

b). unity in a divided family

c). the funeral home chapel

d). none of the above

3). Sensitivity and compassion should be part of each

a). approach to the family

b). floral arrangement

c). sales pitch

d). All of the above

4). Neon colors, pinks, red and black can be

a). excellent casket sellers

b). easy to read ink colors

c). joyful colors

d). irritating colors

True or False Circle the correct answer

5). The arrangements session is a much more important time for the family of the deceased than it is for you as a funeral director.


6). Death is shrouded in uncertainty, and thus carries a very mystical aura or image about it.


7). Your verbal responses and projected attitudes do not determine much of the success that is achieved in this process.





8). If the family is unable to produce certain information, gently pressure them to find a source for it immediately.


9). The family is at the funeral home to make funeral arrangements out of necessity, not their preference.


10). In the arrangements room funeral directors are dealing with a part of life they have very little control over and have very little experience with.


Fill in the blanks

11). The funeral director must remain ____________________ and understanding to the process of grief that the family is enduring.

12). The way a room is __________________ or decorated can have a _________________ affect on the way arrangements sessions flow.

13). As you ask the necessary ______________ make sure that you tell them ______ you are asking for such information.

14). Never try to _____________ precise _____________ like "no later than 4:30 PM" or "the newspaper deadline is 10:00 AM" on a family.

15). Using good _______________ and a ground level or common approach to knowing who the ___________ is on a personal and a group ____________ will make the arrangements conference exceptionally more successful.

16). With technology can come a confusing or _____________ attitude for ___________ people.

17). Occasionally you will encounter a ___________ where there is a noticeable _____________ for ultimate authority between ________ potential "DA"s

18). Either the family fits the ________ of service options and product availability that the funeral home offers, or the __________ ________ fits the mold of the familys __________ and desires.






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