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           Have you been called by our Lord Jesus Christ into Christian ministry? Do you have a strong desire to pastor a congregation, hold evangelistic meetings or Bible studies, travel as a missionary, or maybe even become a specialized chaplain?
           Many have abondoned such calls by God on their lives because they didn't have the time to pursue the educational requirements or they simply couldn't afford the tuition. Some believers have become frustrated because of the extreme denominational requirements for ordination or ministerial licensing.
           If any of that sounds like what you are experiencing, you've come to the right place. If you've been around the Web at all you know you can get legally ordained by just about any type of church or para-church almost instantly via e-mail or snail mail. Unfortuneately, those ordinations may look good on paper but aren't worth much more than the legal privilege of doing weddings or funerals in most states.
          We will not ordain you by mail or e-mail. We want to do more than just give you a piece of paper or send you and e-mail. We want to "equip" you to become a productive useful part of the Kingdom of God.        
          However, this does not have to take 2-4 years and thousands of dollars. It is very simple. We have prepared a very easy and practical way to prepare for Christian ministry. Just click on the link above titled "Ordination Course" This compact study course will quickly prepare you for a life of effective Christian ministry and also give you a better understanding of God's Word. The course is very precise and easy to complete.
          Some of our graduates have been surprised to see how much they have learned and grew spiritually as a result of just a few of hours of study to complete the entire program.
          After you have sucessfully completed the Ordination Course, you will recieve a beautiful personalized "Certificate of Completion" from the Covenant Community School of Biblical Studies, our very own on-line Bible School. Then you will be invited to come to our ministry center in Ohio for an actual personal ordination service into Christian ministry.
          Because you have completed educational requirements and have been ordained by our organization that has connections in several evangelical Christian denominations, your path in Christian ministry will be more easily recognized. And, as God wills, many doors of opportunity will become more accessible to you.   

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Ephesians  4:12 .... for the equipping of the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ;


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