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Language and Grammar 101


To take this examination, please print the examination. Then select the correct answers and mail the results to Central Institute of Theological Studies at the address below. You may also choose to send your examination results in with all of the other examintions in your chosen certificate program.   

Language and Grammar 101


1). These words give information or describes a noun.

a). dictionary      b). verbs         c). pronouns        d). adjectives


2). These words show performance of an action   

a). prepositions   b). adverbs      c). nouns   d). none of these


3). “He was outside without a coat on.” Which word is a preposition in this sentence?     

a). He      b). outside           c). without           d). coat


4).  These words identify a person place or thing.  

a). adjectives     b).  prepositions      c). nouns      d). verbs


5). “She was swimming in the lake.” Which word is a verb in this sentence?

a).  lake        b). in         c).  was         d). swimming     


6). These words tell you how, when, where, why and to what extent something happens.  

a). participles      b). nouns      c). articles       d). adverbs


7). “He has been working there for twenty years.” Which word is the participle in this sentence?

a). years     b). has     c). working      d). twenty


8).  “Ruth is a dedicated nurse at the hospital.” Which word in this sentence is the pronoun?

a). Ruth   b).  dedicated      c). nurse      d). none of these   


9). These words can be used to express opinions about something?

a). participles     b). pronouns   c). adjectives     d). none of these


10). “Robert drives to work every other Tuesday.”  What is the word “drives” in this sentence?

a). verb     b). preposition     c). adverb    d). none of these    


11). Most sentences contain a main verb.

a). True   b). False


12). Adjectives do not help describe color or shape.

a). True   b). False


13). Prepositions indicate relationships between nouns, pronouns and various other words in a sentence.

a). True   b). False


14). Verbs can be either active or passive.

a). True   b). False


15). A paragraph is a group of thematically connected sentences.

a). True   b). False


16). This is a group of words which states, asks, commands or exclaims something.

a). prepositional phrase   b). verb phrase   c). sentence   d). paragraph  


17). Which of these is not an adverb

a). quickly  b). quietly   c). seriously  d). rock


18). A word used in a sentence that asks a question could be

a). fast         b). bird       c). who        d). none of these 


19). This punctuation mark separates two closely connected sentences.

a). exclamation mark    b). comma   c). semicolon   d). question mark 


20). “He went to the classroom downstairs.” Which word in this sentence is an adverb?  

a). downstairs   b). classroom c). went   d). none of these


21). “The atomic warhead was disabled yesterday without a problem.” Which words in this sentence are a prepositional phrase?

a). The atomic warhead   b). was disabled  c). without a problem   d). none of these


22). “The atomic warhead was disabled yesterday without a problem.” What kind of word is “The”?

a). preposition    b). article    c). conditional   d). pronoun 


23). “The atomic warhead was disabled yesterday without a problem.” What kind of word is “disabled”?

a). pronoun   b). preposition       c). noun       d). none of these  


24).This word is not an article.    

a). create     b). the       c). an     d). none of these


25). “The atomic warhead was disabled yesterday without a problem.” What other type of punctuation could end this sentence other than a period.

a). question mark  b). semicolon  c). exclamation mark   d). none of these 



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