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Standard Mathematics 101


To take this examination, please print the examination. Then select the correct answers and mail the results to Central Institute of Theological Studies at the address below.  You may also choose to send your examination results in with all of the other examinations in your chosen certificate program.

Standard Mathematics 101


1). The local hospital accepts about 72 volunteers into their program each year. On the average, how many people join the volunteer program each month during the year?

a). 3.75      b). 6         c). 1.35        d). 12


2). John is a telemarketer. He averages 7 sales for every 54 calls he makes. What percentage of the calls turn into sales for John?    

a). 12.9%    b). 15%       c). 10.51%    d). none of these


3). Forty six used car dealers sold two hundred and fifty seven cars in one month. One dealer sold 35 of the cars.  How many cars did each of the other dealers sell on the average.    

a). 3.94      b). 18           c). 7.28            d). 4.93


4). Bob’s favorite charity receives approximately $ 3500.oo each month in donations. They must give 10% of their annual receipts to their parent organization for administration costs. What would be an approximate annual budget for this charity to work with? 

a). $ 42,000     b).  $ 37,000        c).  $ 84,000      d). none of these


5). Randy sells embroidered t-shirts. The profit per t-shirt is $ 2.31 per sale. Last year Randy sold 3672 t-shirts at $ 15.oo each. What was Randy’s overhead and costs to produce and sell these 3672 t-shirts?

a).  $ 46597.68         b). $ 8482.32        c).  $ 45697.86         d). none of these      


6). The jewelry store has an inventory of 275 items worth $ 4,000,000. A local competitor offered to buy the inventory at 25% of its value. How much were they offering to pay?

a). $100,000      b). $ 2,750,000      c). $ 1,000,000       d). $ 1,100,000


7). There are four men to every women in the police academy. The ratio of women doubles each five years. How long will it be until there are the same number of women as men enrolled in the police academy.

a). 15 years     b). 20 years     c). 5 years      d). none of these


8).  Becky puts $ 1000 in an simple interest investment account that yields 5.35% annually. There is a $ 4.oo administration fee for the first year of the investment. How much money will Becky have at the end of the first year.

a). $ 1,057.50   b). $ 1,053.50       c). $ 1,049.50     d). none of these   


9). In regard to question # 8, if Becky leaves the money in that account for another year, how much money will Becky have?

a). $ 1,105.64     b). $ 1,201.23   c). $1,107.00   d). none of these


10). A scientist discovers two new species of plants that have been growing in fifteen areas of North America. He estimates that of these two species there are probably 60,000 total plants growing. How many of each species are  in each area?  

a). 900     b). 200     c). 1100    d). none of these     


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