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A Better Leader

The whole concept of mentoring should be to expect a better results and skills than those originally displayed by the mentor. This is because the mentoree has some natural ability or related experience previous to the encounter with the mentor which can contribute to the mentoree’s personal growth and development. Thus, each succeeding generation in a mentoring process should become better, more advanced and capable than the previous one.

Adding this to the additional insights that the Holy Spirit develops through the Word of God in to both the mentor and the mentoree in their combined relationship, the results should obviously producing a better leader and future mentor.   

This concept seems to border somewhat on “idealism”. But in many situations and processes it is obviously true. However, it is important to realize that it takes diligent work on behalf of both the mentor and the mentoree to see these improved results and development with and in each of the succeeding generations.

When the mentoring process is weakened or fragmented in some way, the results will vary greatly depending on the source or catalyst of the weakness. Anyone involved in these relationships should be aware that not all mentoring relationships have a long term effectiveness. Many mentoring relationships are not completed relationships and thus they may be transferred top different mentors.            


Another Mentor

When the mentoring relationship is completed and has yielded positive results the mentoree should now become a mentor. This perpetuates the abilities of leadership to be positioned correctly and to continue and carry on the desired results and intentions. Mentorees who have been successfully and properly mentored generally have a natural appreciation for the mentoring process and relationship. They are also generally capable and enthusiastic about perpetuating mentoring relationships if they have become properly motivated leaders. 


An Example for other Mentors

A properly motivated leader and an enthusiastic and active mentor is an example for other mentors to observe and follow. Everyone can recognize genuine enthusiasm. Genuine enthusiasm is a natural catalyst for growth and development in all of our relationships in life. So the natural result would be for other mentors to have an impact on each other. This would include such areas as instructional education, hands on skill practice and development and enhancing the positive qualities of mentor / mentoree relationships.      




FINAL ASSIGNMENT  We recommend that you watch a video titled, “EE-TAOW” (The Mouck Story) It is on the internet on several sites. Here is one of them Watching this video will help solidify the material that you have been studying in this course.   



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